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Updated: Mar 22

In 2008, we had the pleasure of capturing our very first wedding for a dear Facebook friend who admired some of the outdoor shots we shared on our Facebook page. At that time, we didn't have a website, just a Facebook presence. So, for the next four years, we freelanced for various companies who coordinated and planned weddings.

In 2012, we embarked on an exciting journey of creating our very first website. Although our logo was not up to par back then, we were thrilled to have an online platform to showcase our work. Fast forward to now, we have cherished that website for over a decade.

However, we have now decided to give our website a fresh new look and revamp our logo. Our talented videographer, Roman, along with valuable advice and guidance from our main photographer, Amin, have taken it upon themselves to build the new website.

And here we are, with a sleek and elegant website that truly reflects the essence of current times. With our expertise in wedding photography, including Asian wedding photography, as well as wedding cinematography and videography, we are dedicated to capturing the beauty and significance of these special moments.

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